Connor Jack (C.J.) - Holiday Time!

(born December 1st, 2001)

Season's Greetings

Holiday Greetings!
"How did I get in this sled ?!"

Connor at 2 weeks

Wide awake & active at 2 weeks
(December 16th, 2001)

CJ & Mom napping

Nap time for Mom & son
(December 18th, 2001)

Pooh Bear

New friends for Christmas
(December 25th, 2001)

Family's First Christmas

The Family's First Christmas
(December 25th, 2001)

Big Nap

Dad and his sleepy gang!
(December 25th, 2001)

CJ in NJ

First family trip to NJ for the holidays
(December 30th, 2001)

Connor & his baseball glove

"Thanks for my new baseball glove, Uncle Tim!"
(December 30th, 2001)

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