Connor Jack (C.J.) - Family & Friends

(born December 1st, 2001)



Connor, Mom & a Bruins Bear


Granny & Grandad are Connor's first visitors!



"Uncle Dan & Aunt Ginny are ready
to spoil me rotten!"


"And Aunt Deirdre & Uncle Morgan
are taking me to Red Sox games!"

Connor & Dad

"I like it when Dad reads books to me!"
(Connor's first book that Dad read to him on his first night home)

Connor & Dingo's

Connor & Mom, flanked by Blaze & Sky
(hmmm, Blaze is just yawning & Sky is licking her paws, not her chops!)

Connor with Dad & Mom

Proud parents of the one-week old Connor Jack

CJ with Tim & Kelly

"What can this guy possibly teach me about skiing??"

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