Connor Jack - July 2003

Fishing with Dad

Fishing with Dad
(July 12th, 2003)

Canoe ride

Connor's first canoe trip with the boys
(Baxter State Park - July 13th, 2003)


View from South Branch Camp
(July 13th, 2003)

Trail side

Collecting rocks & sticks
(July 14th, 2003)

7 Cousins

7 Cousins

Seven Cousins in the Sunshine
Shannon, Tim, Colleen, Neve, Julia, Owen, & Connor
(At the 3rd Annual Pig Roast - July 26th, 2003)


Connor & Dad like birthday cake
(July 26th, 2003)

Trail side

The youngest one - Neve
(July 26th, 2003)


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The Pig Roast 2003
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